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1. 収集する個人情報に関して

2. 個人情報の利用とその目的

3. 個人情報の提供または共有

4. 個人情報の管理


Multi-Task Company provides HR consultation and outsourcing services in the fields of personnel management, recruiting, training, sales and marketing and customer satisfaction. We are specialized in the area of Human Resource Management. We would like to contribute your business success in Japan through providing multiform business solutions to you as your HR organization.

We provide professional and practical HR related solutions to support your organizational and personal capabilities be more profitable.
We execute our mission as a virtual your HR Section not only a HR consulting provider.
We aim at achieving your business success and that is our final goal.
We provide you Practical 360 degrees HR services, full HR Functions that meet your requirements flexibly at reasonable cost.

About Us:

 Multi-Task Company was founded in 1962. We have been providing consultation and outsourcing services in the fields mentioned bellow.

1. Organizational development and human resource management.(Strategy, evaluation, training, management system,recruiting, etc.)
2. Recruiting
3. Consultation for improving customer satisfaction and business process.
4. Setting up companies in Europe and/or North America and its maintenance.
5. Lighting and semi-conductor related marketing and research.
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